• METONE                                Air Particle Counters
  • BECKMAN COULTER             Liquid & Hydraulic Particle counters
  • ANATEL                                  TOC analyzers and on line instruments
  • ORBISPHERE                         Head Space Oxyzen meters
  • ATI                                         Aerosol Photometrs- HEPA Filters testing instruments
  • PHARMAGRAPH uk              GMP Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • TRION - ENVIRCO                 Fan Filter Units & mobile LAF
  • CMR UK                                 Pressure Calibrators



  • Cleanroom Certification / Requalification including all relevant parameters such as Air Flow, Dp, Air Velocity, HEPA filters leak tests, Particle Measurements, Cleanlines Classification, Air Flow Visualization, Recovery Time, Light Intensity, Sound Level, etc).
  • Certification or Requalification of CleanAIr units, Laboratory LAF/VLAF, Biological Safety Cabinets (Class I, II, II, Cytotoxic), Local LAF in production Lines and Isolators.
  • Full support to all instruments that we sell.
  • Installation and Commissioning services provided for all EMS/FMS systems that we sell.
  • HEPA filters change and Decontamination for BSC's/MSC's, CytoCabinets.
  • Particle Counters ans EMS sensors Calibration.


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